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Shropshire Cycle Hub are supporting Shropshire Council in preparing its bid for up to £200,000 of funds from the Department for Transport eCargo Bike Grant Fund 2019/2020.

Further information about the Bike Grant Fund can be found at, and in this document, published by the Department for Transport and the Energy Saving Trust.

But the scheme also offers a wider opportunity for enterprises to bid directly for up to 20% of the cost of eCargo bikes (up to £1000 in grant funding). If your company or enterprise are interested in bidding for this funding, Shropshire Cycle Hub will be pleased to discuss potential support that our workshop and mechanics can play in helping to maintain eCargo bike fleets, developing and promoting local business and community use schemes etc.

Meaningful engagement with the business community will significantly enhance the prospects of Shropshire Council succeeding in their bid. So to this end we have prepared an "Expression of Interest" form, which we would like anyone with an interest in using or supporting the eCargo bike project to complete. You can download the form from this link.

Please share this information with friends and colleagues, and ask them to complete the form and send it to us by email to by 23 March at the latest. Time is short!

Alternatively, please post completed forms or letters of support to:
Chris Purcell, Passenger Transport
Shropshire Council
Abbey Foregate

We would also welcome further expressions of support from businesses that can recognise the wider benefit these technologies can deliver to Shrewsbury, and in helping to achieve your vision for a shift towards walking and cycling, with a commensurate reduction in motor vehicles on the road towards zero carbon Shrewsbury. The more the businesses of Shropshire recognise the significant role that these technologies can provide to their benefit and the benefit of the community and environment, the greater Shropshire Council's prospects will be towards securing financial support to deliver on the vision of a successful Shropshire, achieving sustainable economic growth and the best environment for business and community that this wonderful county and our enterprising people can deliver.